Board of Directors
Christopher Goodrich, President
Rachel Stroud-Goodrich, Vice-President
John Barbee, Secretary
Steve Goodrich, Treasurer
Richard Goemann, Director
David Lewis, Director
Dawn Thomas Reidy, Director
Tina McKendree, Director

Our Mission
Unexpected Stage Company dedicates itself to honoring the intricacies and intimacies of the complete human experience. To that end, we seek to unite people, place, and storytelling in order to explore interconnection.

Our Vision
Why another theatre company, you ask? Good question. I’ve asked it many times myself. Because the world needs another opportunity for someone to stand up and say something. Let there be a hundred more theatre companies! As long as we have an arena dedicated to human thought in all of its ugliness and necessity, its worldliness and thunder. That’s why we’re here.

If we are to survive with any manner of decency we must first learn to express ourselves. The stage is essential to the rise of ideas. Finding meaning is our goal, making meaning our purpose. As long as there are people willing to stand up and speak, there will be theatre. You cannot kill it. It will not die. The stage is synonymous with the very idea of what it means to be human: Fragile, unstoppable, daring, messy and divine. We want to get in on that action. We are standing up and saying something.